Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our separate ways

Last night after dinner, Craig led us in a beautiful concluding worship service in the basement of our hotel in the heart of the old city of Jerusalem. We were struck that Christians have been worshiping here for nearly two thousand years, often in underground settings like the one we were in. The scriptures were especially relevant and powerful after where we have been and what we have seen: Jeremiah 14: 19-22 and 1 Corinthians 1:18-31. I recommend looking those up in a physical or electronic bible.

Now Craig should be on one or another connecting flight between here and DFW. The Eatons are on their way to Austin. Larry and the Esponozas will be leaving tonight. Kay, Barbara, Bar, Phillis, Ron, Dianne, Suzanne, and Marian are on a bus to Petra, Jordan. I will do a little backpacking in Israel and the West Bank for the next week and visit friends here.

We have learned so much and heard from so many brave, hopeful, intelligent people. We have a lot to bring back to the US, to our friends and congregations, to the Presbyterian General Assembly, and to our representatives in the US government.

Blogging will be a little more complex now that I am going to be traveling on the cheap; however, I hope that others and I will continue to post about things that we saw during the past two weeks and our new experiences as well.

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