Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on Will

I'm still traveling; right now I'm with friends in Tel Aviv. My hosts have been very gracious in spite of their busy schedules, and I have gotten to swim in the ocean a few times. It was really nice to float and roll in the waves! This morning I will take a train to Haifa to see the Ba'Hai Temple.

I have had an exciting, fascinating few days. The guy I stayed with Saturday night, works as a web designer and coordinator for EAPPI, and I went with him to Ramallah this morning to attend the Quaker meeting there. We met with a group that was doing a similar trip to our own through the Friends (whom we had also met at a Women in Black gathering last Friday).

I have plans to join a small group to visit Tent of Nations in Bethlehem on Friday. I'm looking forward to that. I will be winging the next few days though.

I'd love to hear from the Petra contingent and the ones who are already back in the states!

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