Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Thoughts About Our Trip from Harriet and Rick

We feel fortunate and blessed to be seeing so many places from the Bible and quite a few churches.
We have heard from many people working for Peace here. We have driven and walked thru check points. We have seen very young military men and women carrying large weapons without pointing them down.
The Iron Wall, Aparthied Wall, Barrior,Separation Wall is an "abomination", no matter what you call it. On the Palestinian side there are many messages painted about the USA. For example:
"Made in the USA" This wall was built by our tax dollars. There was a poster of a Muslim woman walking by the wall and it said, "Mayan walks 2 times a week 5 kilometers to get to the clinic across the street." Many streets have been cut short by the "Wall".
There is no "settlement freeze" , we saw cranes in use on Maaleh Haceitim in East Jerusalem.

Another wall Message:
No God
No Peace
Know God
Know Peace

Peace, Harriet and Rick

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  1. It sounds like an awesome experience. I can't wait to see you guys and I am so impressed with Dad and Mom actually blogging!